1620 Industrial Units Need Reconstruction, Renovation

Deputy Head of Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) says according to the early assessments, some 1620 industrial units in the country need reconstruction and renovation.

According to IDRO News, Farshad Moqimi during his visit to Ard Morvarid flour mill in Bandar Abbas said that 1620 industrial units need reconstruction and renovation that 134 units of them are in the evaluation stage. He added that Hormozgan Province’s share is 17 industrial units which need renovation that 13 of them are in the evaluation stage.

Moqimi further said that to implement renovation there needs required financial credits, adding that 50% of the budget from the Note 18 of the budget law has been earmarked to the field of renovation and reconstruction and it was decided that some credit from the Central Bank’s special budget is to be earmarked to this project.

He reiterated that renovation and reconstruction has been defined as one of the important projects of the ministry of industry, Mine and Trade and expressed hope they would soon witness some tangible achievements in this field.

Moqimi concluded that 1,890 industrial units in the country have applied for reconstruction and renovation.