Iran’s exports register 64% growth

Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce in its latest report concentrates on the status of the trade between emerging countries and the developing ones, indicating that the countries have passed the Coronavirus crisis.

After controlling the pandemic to some extent, economic prosperity is observable in many countries, and the data published in 2021 shows an approximate growth among developing countries.

Among these countries, Iran’s exports have been considered as well. During the previous Iranian calendar year, the country has registered the record of $82 billion of exports in both oil and non-oil products. Also, there is 90 percent of growth in petroleum field. The growth of Iran in exporting goods has been 64%, which is the highest one among other countries.

With passing the first phase of Coronavirus crisis and having an increase in exports, the volume of exports has been on the rise among different countries. Iran’s imports have experienced a 36% growth as well during the previous year, according to Customs statistics.