IDRO’s New Policy Is to Support Elites, Commercializing the Research

Head of Planning and Development Department of Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) announced the organization’s support from elites and commercializing the research as well as making the national industry smart.

On the sidelines of the meeting of the assembly of the organization, Mohammad Reza Abdollahi said that DSRO is currently busy with 10 projects and agreements in the modern industries and high techs worth 2,700b rials plus $400m.

He added that since commercializing the results of innovative research needs investment and risk-taking, IDRO as a developmental organization is ready to support elites and knowledge-based companies in commercializing the results of researches in modern high techs and technologies by investment.

He reiterated that the policy of the organization is to support both local and foreign-based elites and human forces and it pursues it seriously.

Abdollahi went on to say that expansion of new technologies and modern industries in the era of fourth industrial revolution are the major axes of global industrial development and IDRO with its new policy in compliance with changes in the business climate is determined to support commercializing the results of researches in the high tech sector.