Iran Can Overcome Sanctions

He went on to say that national industries are matured enough to help the country during the sanctions era. Moazzami noted that sanction is nothing new for the country and the country can overcome it due to good plans and decisions of the government and heads of three branches.

Iran Can Overcome Sanctions


Head of Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) believes Iran has no problem in its strategic industries and it can overcome the sanctions due to the capabilities of its human resources and knowhow


Addressing the opening ceremony of the 18th International Industry Exhibition of Iran, Mansour Moazzami said that Iran has no serious problem in its strategic industries and because of the knowledge-based companies and good human resources it can overcome the sanctions.


The exhibition started with participation of about 180 foreign and 380 domestic companies in Tehran yesterday


Germany, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Algeria, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia and France are attending the exhibition.

Exchanging information and technology, getting acquainted with the most novel products of the field, creating direct relations between the producers and consumers, creating chances for investment and jobs, marketing and expanding export are among the goals of the event. The exhibition displays workshop equipment, small and large industries’ production lines, production line tools, industrial automation, etc.

The exhibition will be open until October 16.