Three Measures of Gov’t to Bring Peace to Car Market

The Chairman of Industrial Development & Renovation Organization (IDRO) says the government has some measures to bring peace to the car market in the country.

Mansour Moazzami said that the government has three measures to control the unsteady car market and bring peace to it.

He said allocating an ID for each purchaser of car, forcing carmakers to present their products in the market and pursuing the fate of the cars which are legally imported to the country.

Recent turbulence in the car market which was the result of the U.S. withdrawal from the JCPOA and some speculations in the market. The turbulence and chaos in the

imported car’s market is more than domestic-manufactured cars especially since imposing ban on the imports of cars.

Moazzami said that all car-makers have been assigned to distribute their products in the market. He said that sudden rise in the rate of dollar, huge liquidity in the country and assumptions led to the rise in car prices.

He said it is important to push the liquidity in the society towards the production. Moazzami reiterated the contracts of domestic carmakers with their foreign counterparts are still valid and nothing has changed yet.

Moazzami said that more than 1.6m cars were manufactured last year and the number is planned to reach 1.75m this year. He added that the production of cars in the country has grown by 10 percent in the first quarter.

He admitted some of the current problems in the country is psychological and some are trying to inject disappointment and doubt into the society.

Moazzami claimed that all economic indices show that the country enjoys growth.