Official Calls for Improving Quality of Domestic Goods

The CEO of Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) says that using Iranian goods needs a drastic change in approaches towards domestic goods and called for improving the quality of goods in order to compete in the market.

Official Calls for Improving Quality of Domestic Goods

Addressing the Third International Conference on Industrial Management, Mansour Moazzami said that quality of Iranian goods should be elevated in order to be able to compete with foreign rivals and innovation is needed for the products to meet customers’ demands.

He added that it is a must to brandize the products and it needs new approach towards the domestic goods.

He underlined support for domestic production, adding that new demands for domestic goods will lead to creation of new jobs and fall in the unemployment rate. Moazzami added that in order to stop the departure of capital from the country, the grounds should be paved for investment in domestic productions and today the country’s main jihad is economic jihad and it is necessary to retain the current international interactions which will help Iranian goods to be competitive with their rivals.

He also called for serious action against smuggling of the goods which will boost the domestic goods production.